3 Ways Yoga Can Get You In Shape This Summer


When it comes to getting in shape this summer you will definitely want to get it yourself a gym membership. Gym memberships are awesome way to keep yourself in shape and get physically fit for those hot summer days. Also, you don't have to do super hard core strength training and high intensity interval workouts in order to get in shape for summer. You can balance those high intensity workouts when you actually include Yoga. Yoga is a great activity for those of you who want to strengthen their core and get those nice tight as you've always wanted.  When you join a gym 24 Hour Fitness,  you can definitely use their mats to stretch out with some beginner yoga, and then head to the cardio machines or anything else you love to do at the gym. Below are some great ways that you can help you with your summer body goals.


Yoga can teach you how to be strong willed and get through your workout. Yoga actually can help you be more mentally aware of what you were doing in order to really focus on getting through the hardest part of all of your workouts. When you do regular yoga and learn how to focus through sun salutation and tree poses, you will definitely find what you need in order to really push through those hard days. Yoga meditation can also help you give yourself a more conscious focus on life and relieve your mind of daily stress while you're working out. If you've ever notice that your mind gets a little bit cluttered and you forget to focus on the workout itself and you start to focus on your problems, yoga can help you wash that away.


Yoga is also great for making really big resolutions in terms of losing weight, bodybuilding, and getting more toned and fit. Yoga can also help you strengthen your mind but strengthen your body at the same time. You can really benefit from some of the amazing cardiovascular poses as well as the link sitting poses in yoga when it comes to making your body look more lean. If your summer goal is to lose weight you should definitely check out poses like downward dog and sun salutations. These two can help you get into the groove of your workout, and combined with Warrior 2 pose and the pigeon pose you are in for a really awesome workout. These posts are also great for those who want to be energized before a morning workout.


Yoga can also help you overcome your vices. If you have problems with maybe having too many cocktails on the weekends that sabotage your diet, or smoking cigarettes that can really bring you down when in a cardio workout, yoga can help you get rid of those addictions. While it's hard to tip nasty habits, focusing on the strength of your mind as well as your body, and time that into your soul of the breath in yoga you can help yourself maintain your goals for longer periods of time. Next, you'll be ready to hit any elliptical or treadmill at 24 Hour Fitness and really get a great weight loss workout in.